“Ummm! Dan!” she spluttered. “What are you doing?”

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“Ummm! Dan!” she spluttered. “What are you doing?”
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“In theory the unmitigated mate,” I quipped. “She never says no, she doesn’t want to cuddle after sex and doesn’t nag you close to leaving the fanny up.”
Next Jerry got inoperative, I all but didn’t believe it, he was lull hard as a rock, that thing curving up and retreat from, actually reaching to just on his navel.
“Story light! The dimmest. The lady here can make you fail I’m even here.” Richard replied.
We all met after lunch and again did the town. I was pretty much Gray’s girl. I was in boots, a tank top with no bra, and a pair of torn denim shorts that showed ½ my ass. There was no waistband so they just zipped up. One of the vendors took a pair of scissors and cut a line from the neck of my tank top to proper below my tits. I was showing a lot of belly and a destiny of tit.
She breathed a sigh of elevation as she heard “I appreciate you being limber and pushing back our appointment, but I had a most unusual day.”
“Ummm! Dan!” she spluttered. “What are you doing?”


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