“Let’s hope so… Cheers!”

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“Let’s hope so… Cheers!”
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“You never did take a writing process, did you?”
“Fuck yes, Jes…your ass is unrealistic…”
“Let’s hope so… Cheers!”
Mar 03/06/09 10:10 PM
It was a threat to her. Though I desperately wanted to dynamite into her beautiful mouth, it was an time for her to pull away and direct my jizz elsewhere, if she felt she couldn’t take my cum. The retort was mmm… mmm… mmm and without Helena skipping a fashion, my first ejaculation blew unmodified into the back of her throat. She didn’t flinch as the next three spurts flooded into her, dribbles of cum overflowing through the corners of her mouth as I pumped her lips, her mouth now full to overflowing, taking the base of my cock with her hands and opening her mouth slightly for the last three spurts.
“Sorry officer.” said Bruce, as they continued down the hall.


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