March 2016
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Rachel let it be known out a soft whimper in reaction to the slap.

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“Like a loving couple. How else?”
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Sorry because of the multiple emails today, but I’m kind of in stream-of-consciousness mode today.
“Like a loving couple. How else?”
I’m not a jealous actually. I extraordinarily wanted to settle on if it was his hanker after for Diane or his desire to look after me active with Ron that was driving him. To my surprise, it seemed to be his desire to see me with Ron that motivated him. I got the printing that anything between him and Diane would be a bonus but not the main crowd-puller.
Roland and Linda have developed a sign dialect, so Roland can answer simple questions without stopping to nurse – his answer is yes.
It was the thanksgiving holiday in 1980. On that Wednesday night after I got off pan out, we made the 360 mile trip from the youthful town we lived in to my grandmother’s luck out a fitting, where most of the family would be for Thanksgiving. At 55 mph, it took a long time and it was early morning close to the time we arrived. Jenny and Rick Jr. slept most of the way there. After at worst a few hours sleep, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and then made the extra 40 miles to spend some once in a while with Jenny’s extended family. It was a altogether long lifetime and having a 5 month primitive in tow made it a little tougher, but everyone on both sides wanted to see Rick Jr.
Rachel let it be known out a soft whimper in reaction to the slap.


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