“You are insatiable.”

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“You are insatiable.”
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MeAnd I’m supposed to have faith that?
“You are insatiable.”
What if it looks ridiculous? What if he thinks you’re ridiculous?
I be dressed some concerns about you and Joe doing anything with Ron and Diane so anon after the party, but it’s your preoccupation. Hopefully you are both OK about what happened. I’m looking forward to your next email.
I guess in remembering I’m not too surprised that Joe made it look like the GB was your idea (because you are an insatiable slut), but frankly I didn’t predict it. I should have since that’s a run-of-the-mill way that husbands justify their desire to recruit men to have intimacy with their wives. They don’t want anybody to think they are just too wimpy to satisfy their wife in bed, or even worse, that they are such perverts that they indeed get turned on by watching other men fuck their trouble! Oh no, can’t receive that.
“Go Grace!” another officer shouted.


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