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Elizabeth sniffled, wiping her eyes. “I know, and I’m paying the price. All our friends are pissed off at me. Unruffled my family. I’m a laughing stock. I lost my job, Amy. My husband’s divorcing me. I don’t have a pot to piss in, and I’m stuck with that brainless dick escape there driving me around, and trying to stick his thing in me all the time. I’ve got nothing, and he’s got everything. The concert-hall, the business, all our riches. All our friends are on his side, and he’s got you. Ain’t I being punished sufficiently?”

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She came, and came, and came, screaming into the bed like a banshee as Henry the gadget drilled her.
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She took a drag on her cigarette and clasped hands with Susan as they listened to the music around them, inkling the bearing of people brushing past them, touching them. Feeling hands touch their asses, legs, stomachs. More beads being heaped upon their necks. To the left, a woman with her legs around a confine’s waist as he fucked her standing up. Kissing and groping everywhere.

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I changed right then, “Tutelary, my skirt!” I blurted out, “it’s ruined, I’ll have in the offing to go and buy another one. Larry will be in the club me to tax this at the weekend.”
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