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If you think Traci was a chatty Kathy before, she was now chatting away like crazy and offering to buy him more drinks. I decided to leave them alone and go for a swim and cool mistaken. When I came in arrears, they were still talking. As I got closer, I could see between her legs that her pussy was swollen and acutely wet as she was start-off and closing her legs as she talked. After a little while, Luke told us he had to sell-out a bathroom because the beers were going through him. As he left us unescorted, Traci smiled at me and in her best begging voice, said pllleeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeee. I smiled at her and told her I wanted to watch his cock slide inside of of her. With that, she leaned over onto me and started to kiss me and tell me how much she loved me. I slowly let my fingers find her wet pussy and I started to play with her clit. When we rid of, I told her to known up with her plan to get Luke to our house.
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