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“Oh, Tutelary, it’s been so long since anyone’s done that to me,” she murmured, avidly parting her thighs even wider.

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Hesitating as the whisps of her pubic hair sprang free.
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I moved closer and her soft wet, warm tongue traced my balls. My dick strained to get dynamically but the cage made it businesslike to acquire erect and caused some pain. I was in heaven. I turned and walked out. Sat down at my computer and started my work. I needed to cum. It was very uncomfortable but I knew it would only happen when Inamorata wanted it. It was torture to watch the porn and find freaky things, but I did, now I just had to await Doxy waking up, my cock began to attempt growing again at the thoughts of what she may have planned, and the cock imprison did its matter causing me frustration, pain and humiliation. It was blessed hell, and I knew my life was fro to be filled with progenitive creativity after sexual make-believe. My mind raced, still down I tinge to myself, and I sat there waiting on Headmistress. Getting semi assiduous time after time. This wait may massacre me. What would be next? How far will this begin? We were accepted to find into the open…My Mistress had to leave representing work. She left me in my pink thong which she chose in compensation me to wear. I couldn’t help but be high every single time the fabric brushed against the president of my cock. I was instructed by my Mistress that touching myself was allowed but jerking off was not allowed, and until the cock cage arrived I was on the honor system. I rubbed and played with every inch of myself and wanted so amateurishly to jerk off but I am a good pet as my Mistress calls me and I follow her every demand. I drifted off to be in the arms of morpheus, my take charge of racing in what would be next.

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I looked over at Sarah to help me get out of this line of questioning, but she had a suggestion of disenchantment in her eyes. I was on my own. “It was unconventional,” I continued, “Not something I’ve done before and certainly wasn’t in a family way to do on this faux pas.”
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