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While the action was on the other half of the stage and we were not yet lit, Mrs. Cunningham reached behind her back and released her bra. In my dreams it could not get better. Of despatch, she was even now covered past the sheet, but now she was precariously close to being revealed. A slip of the sheet would show her nipples to everyone. Or, I could intentionally pull down the covers. By removing her bra, she had to trust me. Just like in a real sexual affair there has to be trust and risk.

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Setting the tea down and encouraging Ashley to drink, Mistress Jane started to devise her map out. Having experience in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, Jane knew that combined with the tea, her techniques would easily bring the young blonde into her fold. She had yet to decide if she wanted Ashley to know what she was doing as she was doing it, meaningful what that would do to her inner man.
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