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He fucked me hard, holding me up with one arm, around my waist. It was animalistic, and I orgasmed the entire patch. He humped me like a dog in heat. I could break he was close to orgasm but he pulled at large and pulled free the condom. I was terrified he’d take it back in me, but again he guided me and turned me around and stuck it encourage in my brave, jerking it. Before I could get even, he erupted in my face. His cum was hot and choke-full and some landed in my mouth, most of it was on my face and some of it landed on my shirt and sweater. I realized i was on my knees in front of him. I grabbed my towel and tried to unsullied up. By this repeatedly the lace into was quite dim. He said some words to me; I couldn’t tell you what they were. he zipped up and left. I sat back on the bench and sobbed. Not only had I been unusually slutty, i had also cheated on my hubby, for the first time, with two separate men. I didn’t know their names. I cleaned myself up as much as I could. Put my pants on, but by that time it was dark. I left the cabin, and it was only when I got home I realized I had pink my panties there. For the nonce, I was the slut that fucks in the cabin.

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“That was incredible baby” he said as he took a long draw, exhaling the smoke into the air.
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