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“I’m going to go upstairs to our big king size bed and I’m going to have a wet slurpy cock sucking pussy fucking ‘ball-like the in seventh heaven motherfucking threesome with two women who know how to rock this man’s world. When we are done, we are prevailing to freshen up, grill some chow and then, Sweetie? … we gonna fuck ourselves silly again before we nearly prohibited on the borough, a happy threesome. We power be back tonight or we might not but whatever the case, we might do it again tomorrow morning too. So don’t use our bedroom, Sweetie, it’s going to smell of hot sex and the essence of ladies. You use the guest compartment and the downstairs bath…”

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Completely helpless, with legs spread wide, dangling off the ground, and breasts misshapen by a weighted confine, Kelli could only hang in shame as Jack took photo after photo of her, documenting every humiliating detail. But even then Jack wasn’t done.
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I must say here, I was immediately struck by her looker and poise. On top of that, she seem quite alert and sweet, and I have to divulge that I was very interested in her. She was at most 5 feet 2 inches tall, dialect mayhap a hundred pounds, of decorous delectability. Had blue eyes and perky breasts.

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I felt her lick my cock, tentatively, then again. Then she put the end of my cock in her door and sucked and licked it. It felt extraordinary, but weird. Here we were, my wife pretending to be her best friend, practicing her first blow job on me. On the other hand, I knew that Krista was far more experienced at this than anybody could picture. What a tangled cobweb.
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