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You won’t believe who was in my 4th hour class. Yes, Reid Thompson. When I saw him he made eye in and gave me a little smile. I looked away hurriedly, but that one look nautical port me hint a little unsteady. I had butterflies in my stomach for the rest of the hour. I know I shouldn’t have. It was pretty silly of me, really. I just couldn’t help it.

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“I must honour, you Mr. Clayton, without thought your vigorous fucking of your wife, you’ve kept her pussy and asshole nice and tight. I will have so much fun loosening her up. After she’s done giving you a bath, I’m going to let her feed you. If you possess to take a dump, she is going to slide a bedpan under you. Your chair has a basin for your urine, You’ve been pissing yourself all day. Probably from that mini bump on your noggin! Hah! After you are finished eating and gagged once more, your lovely wife and I will sit down to dinner. By the way, I’ve shaved her pussy, which you are never going to see again, as it now belongs to me. She tastes wonderful in both the furred and bald versions, but slaves need to be kept shaved.”
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