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“Nope. I’d like to essay that too. Let’s weaken make it come off.” And with that, we put drinks together and went back out to the men. They were chatting away, mainly work type stuff, but we’d caught a one references to coition. I wound up sitting on the couch between Renee and Brian, with Greg stationary in the oversized cathedra kitty-corner to the frame. We actually managed to talk some, and our drinks disappeared pretty quickly. This time, Brian stood up and reached for my hand, pre-eminent me to the kitchen.

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I watched the two on the gambol floor in their diva dresses. They were incredibly hot to watch and I couldn’t respite c start the thought of Alexis and Jenna in a nasty lesbian twosome commission of my nut. I would never fiddle on Alexis, but the considering of watching those two in lesbian passion had my cock stiff again. A couple of songs in, Alexis waved me onto the dance floor and I joined the girls for a dancing threesome. All over the next not many numbers, both groped me in subtle ways, although neither so naughty it could be taken as anything more than dance nautical rules. Either opportunity, it kept me hard as a rock and once a tardy song played, I pulled Alexis near fitted some unescorted time. We danced in silence for the first half of the tale, before Alexis eventually asked, “So are you happy to see me or is that a gun in your pants?”
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