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Kelli watched in disbelief as Jack took a assemble of fishing weights and engaged them to the chain stretching between her breasts. When he pulled his hand away, the weights immediately dropped, pulling her nipples down with them. She gasped as fierce stabbing pains emanated from her nipples and into her breasts. And she cried out as Jack added another cluster to the chain, wrenching her nipples coextensive with further downward. Unlike the flogging, this time the pain grew and grew, as the heavy wrench off distended her breasts and nipples.

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You do look as if to have an understanding of this situation and dialect mayhap it is your own near affair that has given you some provoke. I still don’t fully understand my own motivations. When I try, I caress like I’m searching for an excuse for my poor judgement. That in fact is the bottom in the running for. Regardless of my reasons championing doing what I did, I demonstrated very poor judgement. I was definitely lonely and horny but it was poor judgement that got me into the mess.
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