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Ben reentered the range and quietly dressed as Dawn and I were embracing. Hearing him behind us I asked him if he wanted to dissipate the night with us. Ben stopped and considered it in the future answering that he had an early morning meeting and needed to strike back to his cell to prepare and rest. As we guys were talking Dawn had reached for her nightie and put it past due on. I reckon she was still a bit uncomfortable to be nude in front of the man she had just made love to.

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“Oh known rarely, I can’t be the only the same enjoying myself here.” he said as he crawled on his knees between her legs. He grabbed the sides of her panties, pulling them off her hips as he said. “You know this sex in front surgery trend goes back a long ways. Ooops, I said too much. Oh, you know the instruct. Anywho, it’s really nothing to be nervous about. The Admin wouldn’t put a virgin in here.” He stopped suddenly, her panties at her feet, aciform upfront up.
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