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When I went disown in the cell just as I entered it Nick turned on the music rather loud. He had obviously been fiddling with his IPOD while I had been away. It was Tina Turner -Simply the Best actually. The give someone a once-over of that again gets me customary and the boys were both looking at me expectantly so I instinctively started bopping in front of them laughing. I had no idea where I wanted this to go or how far I would whirl. As soon as I started dancing they both began cheering me on enthusiastically. I felt so appreciated.

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Do you remember when I told you that on the Pittsburgh trip it was almost continuous sex? Well the next connect of hours really was continuous sexual congress. There was not story hot when someone wasn’t putting their dick into my mouth, pussy, or butt. And much of the ever it was two at a time, except near the end. That was when I was “air tight” as Joe put it. I had never heard that term before, have you?
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