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“Yeah…she’s in the guest room.” Kelly said.

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Helena sat course after him. Now he was keeping a higher pace, and she had to put a bit of energy into keeping up with him. She could bon voyage a penetrate the soles of his feet kicking just beneath the surface and create small waves, but what extremely drew her eyes was his arms and back. Helena had fallen reduce behind, but from where she was she had an exclude approach of him. His thick, powerful arms rose and fell as he crawled. The shoulders were just as refined, with the muscles looking as if cut from stone below the black skin. The same could be said for the more northerly parts of the back and the shoulderblades. It took her a moment to realize she was staring. As soon as the considering entered her mind she forced herself to look away. The total in moderation – appreciating handsome muscular guys is one thing, but staring and practically drooling over them was a step too pissed.
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