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“Box in up, piece of shit. You’re not our son any more. Brenda agrees with this. We at no time hunger to speak to you again. Don´t call us again.”

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I met Sue shortly after she graduated college. She’s a splendiferous woman, now 35 years old, about 5′-4″. She likes to keep herself in body, Sue’s fit but curvy in all the ethical places. She has natural D cup breasts and a plump but firm ass that I neutral can’t get enough of. Sue’s most attractive feature, however, is her beautiful smile – it’s a true to life counterpart to her incredible personality. She has lovely hazel eyes, long brunette hair, and classically feminine facial features. She’s also a woman that’s not afraid to shy around some supplementary wit when challenged. I love her feisty nature, and it’s one of the reasons I floor in love with her so without delay. It only took six months of dating before I asked her to be my wife, and close to 12 years later we are still going truculently.
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“No sign,” Russel said.

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In the shower Liz smiled at him. Dropping to her knees, she lovingly washed his flaccid cock, kissing the pourboire when she was done. Once he was clean, she stood back up and he washed her breasts. He knelt in first of her and there, once again, was her beautiful used glistening pussy. He started to out it and then paused. Leaning forward he kissed her union. Her hands dropped to his head, pulling him in.
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