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She pushed me down on the bed, removed her panties, and lowered herself onto my cock, fully clothed. She was soaking wet. It had been so long since I’d felt her cunt on me that I almost came instantly. Clara anticipated this. She grabbed my face and dug her nails deep into my skin. The bore was exquisite. There would be marks on my face tomorrow. It drew my woolly away from my cock long enough towards me to regain my self-control.

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Alan is framed in the doorway. He looks at his wife while imagining striding with purpose to claim her as his. He sees himself kissing her mouth while competition his hands all over her body. Alan’s cock pulses with need, imagining bending her once more and splaying her labia with the tips of his fingers. He has to suppress a groan while images of fucking into her pussy from behind top off his mind’s eye. He knows from experience how majestic her molten embrace last wishes as suffer around his girth.
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