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It was the first time respecting all of us. Elaine’s and Ting’s first time with another woman and my first time with two women. It took us a no while to find out about comfortable but in a trice we were ready it was a night like I had never had already, or since. Elaine and Ting were so hot and it really got me excited to watch them together. It was great but we not till hell freezes over met Ting again.

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I have no doubt that Joe sent the picture to his companion. He told me he’s wanted to do that for a long time. I’m also sure that Jeff will love the picture. I didn’t like the fact that I’m collared and leashed in it, but I was wearing the collar in all of them. And in all the rest I was having sex with inseparable or more of the kids. I certainly couldn’t send him any of those.
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