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“Surprised that your better half got hot?” She asked, now clearly fishing.

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“Looking for some ladies I suppose” Fun said with a smile.
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“Oh my!” Claire panted, lying naked next to me: “Why didn’t I forgather you earlier?”

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Although you’ve enjoyed teasing and toying with me, its also made you extremely excited so as you be aware my cock filling and stretching your swollen pussy, you rather commence to writhe and galvanize your hips and gripe in diversion. I respond by thrusting my hips upward and pumping my hard thick cock another inside you. Our bodies pull and push and grind against each other. Passion builds. Muscles tighten. Breath comes short. You inaugurate to feel an orgasm building earnest within you and pushing out toward the surface. I feel the cum in my balls beginning to boil. You feel my shaft thicken as you go me harder. I feel your pussy tightening as I force myself deeper inside.
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