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Alone, I started to fix myself up. I took a shower, and even tried to clean my seed passage, anything to ensure Juan didn’t impregnate me. I wrapped up in my robe, and then sat on the day-bed. Thoughts came back to me. Ben forceful me to behave, being on my own, Juan’s advances, my failures at avoiding him, Juan’s cock in me, and then being humiliated by being watched, and then having to help my watcher. The final straw was being called out by the desk clerk, like I was some sort of toddler. Tears started to flow down my cheeks, and I started to cry.

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When Dick returned with our drinks we chatted a little more before the band started playing again. Mostly we just sat and listened for the first song, although Joe and Dick exchanged a few sentences that I wasn’t able to catch. When the second melody started Dick asked me to bop again. I promptly accepted and we joined two other couples on the shindy floor.
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