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“I tried to talk to her, but she is song of those types who believe she’s earning comradeship by behaving like boys: swearing, drinking, and smoking, fighting and fucking around. But all what she’s getting is to be the slut of the Regiment… Are you interested?”

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I asked Ben to wait at the elevator and his date would meet him there in a record. After the door closed Dawn asked me why I had dedicated her to him. I told Dawn she had told Ben she would do whatever he wanted and so she had willingly done it, not me. Dawn pleaded that she had only said that to undertake and get him turned on, she had done it to follow my orders. I said it didn’t matter. She had assumption herself to him and was then his trait exchange for the night, tomorrow she would again be my better half. Tonight she was his acreage and had to do anything he wants. I did asseverate her I would be present at all times to insure no permanent harm came to her and also to be sure she did all she was told to do. I ended it by saying this was the contrariwise cave in she could prefer me and she needed to fully comply. Dawn quietly agreed she would do all I had said. I kissed her and said she was going to make me rather, very happy this continuously. Hand in man we exited the room.
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