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“So, up until now, nothing you’ve done is proscribed,” he says. “Candi’s exactly another above-18 porn actress, nothing wrong with that. But these days? Well”—and he gestures at the sieve—”for the time being you’ve evidently drugged and raped that girl. This bird sitting right over here. And deflower, that isn’t legal. Rapists go to jug.”

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I really didn’t have immediately to get back with you last continuously. Joe and I talked a lot and did other things too. I can tell you one thing, ever since this GB thing started with him, I’m getting a lot more sex. In my evaluation, you men can only concentrate on one thing at a be that as it may. Before, it seemed that Joe was unceasingly belief about his business. I had to bewilder him from those thoughts to get him interested in shafting. Now, he is in actuality interested in the GB thing and it is occupying all of his thoughts. The results are that he is thinking gender and I’m getting a lot more attention in that department. No complaints here.
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