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It was there on the side’s older night that he saw Angie. Not at worst did her swart red hair stand out, but the jiggle in her ass and the fact that she had the biggest breasts on the rig helped get her noticed too. Mark quickly found her afterwards and introduced himself. Her shy, innocent demeanor gave cave in to his aggressiveness. She was flattered at the attention he showered her with, although she blushed time after time when they went out and he would show her high. He loved to vaunt to the world that he had her, she was a knockout.

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The rest of the drive we chatted idly about a variety of things and when we arrived at his hotel, which would be his home for the treatment of the next two months, I helped him check in then gave him a peculiar cell phone that was preprogrammed with my number and told him to call me as soon as he felt like getting out. Purposefully, he had arrived on a Saturday, to allow after a day of idle about, so we had a free day before he was expected at the expertise.
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